PADV Welcomes David Midler to the 2015 Legacy Society!

Our next Legacy Society honoree, David Midler, has a true passion for our cause, giving his time and commitment to PADV for more than six years.


David Midler has served on PADV’s board of directors, while also chairing the Marketing and Communications Committee, working with the Governance Committee and helping with the Domestic Violence in the Workplace Conference (DVIW).

“I wanted to work with an organization that impacted those in our community. At the first event I went to, a local dentist was being honored. He performed reconstructive work for women who had teeth damaged from domestic violence, and at that point I was introduced to an entire world I never knew existed.”

Initially Midler was not prepared for the impact that he would experience while working with PADV.

“It was overwhelming that so many people were affected by domestic violence. I was very impressed by the work that PADV did, both in terms of education and in terms of community outreach. After my first candlelight vigil, I understood how devastating and prevalent domestic violence is in our community, and how much work we have to do to stop it.”

Midler didn’t shy away from helping in all aspects of PADV. A most memorable experience is the work he did for the DVIW Conference.

“The most impactful thing I did at PADV was working on the DVIW conference. I remember the first conference I attended.  I was watching all the business leaders in the audience and seeing how surprised they were to learn about the economic impact domestic violence can have on their companies. I think people believe that this is purely a domestic issue, but few realize that domestic violence can affect the earnings of a company, the productivity of the people who work there and the productivity of those who work around them.”

Domestic violence does not discriminate when it comes to victims. People from all walks of life can be affected by violence and PADV wants to continue to educate people to recognize the signs.

“Like many of us, I used to think that domestic violence was something that only affected a few people. We read about a famous singer or someone in the news that was affected by it, but we really don’t think it affects us. With my work at PADV I learned that domestic violence happens everywhere. Through the educational programs offered with PADV, I began to realize that there are warning signs for domestic violence. We all need to do more to recognize those in our own community who may need assistance.”

David says, “success is measured one life a time,” and we at PADV are happy to have the support of people like David to help foster our success. Thank you and welcome to the Legacy Society!


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