Presenting our Final Legacy Society Honoree, Anne Bowen-Long

Anne Bowen-Long 2010-01-23 183620

Anne’s journey with PADV has been one of personal growth and healing.

After moving to Atlanta from Philadelphia in the early 90’s, Anne knew she wanted to get involved with an organization that helped victims of domestic violence. “I was raised in a volatile household and wanted to understand more about what that meant,” she said. “There is so much more to domestic violence than the violence itself. For me, fear and secrecy also shrouded my entire household.”

Anne has never been outspoken about her experience growing up, but knows she can help more people by having the conversation. “Domestic violence alienates people from their families and friends. There is a shame that surrounds it that is debilitating,” she said. “Through my work with PADV, I have been able to understand how unique each situation can be, and how to respond and offer help. I understand so much more now, and that understanding has propelled my passion for bringing the issues surrounding domestic violence forward.”

Anne began her PADV work as a volunteer, answering evening crisis line calls.  Later she joined the committee for PADV’s major fund raiser, the Hearts with Hope gala and silent auction, and ultimately was asked to join the board of directors.  She has served as board chair and is continuing her second term as director.

Anne credits the UPS culture of giving, and UPS affinity group Women’s Leadership Development, for the strong support that has enabled her community service.  In addition to her efforts on behalf of PADV, she has worked with Metropolitan Counseling Services, Ahimsa House, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta and Women of Tocqueville – United Way of Greater Atlanta.

Her ultimate mission is to change the way people view and approach the topic of domestic violence. “I would like to see more companies educate themselves about the signals of domestic violence, and encourage an open environment where victims feel safe asking for help,” she said. “PADV has multiple programs to educate everyone from teens about dating violence, to the financial impact of domestic violence on corporate America. It is always reassuring when we see young people and companies attend our forums.”

When PADV invited Anne to join the Legacy Society, she knew it would be a great opportunity to continue her efforts. “It is an honor to be invited to join the Society,” said Anne. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to continue this vital work.”


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