Welcome to the Legacy Society Mary Jane Wolfe!

MaryJane (resized)

Mary Jane Wolfe, our next PADV Legacy Society honoree, considers herself a “newbie” when it comes to her involvement with PADV. She has been active within the organization for three years and serves on the Gwinnett Advisory Committee.

“I was invited to a meeting by Sandra Strickland, but I didn’t know what it was going to be about. I went to the meeting not knowing anything and came away wondering how I didn’t know about PADV. One of the success stories from the shelter was there to speak to us. She talked about her entire experience with the Gwinnett Shelter. To hear about this local organization that is so pure and so good – I wanted to be part of it somehow.”

After that initial experience, Wolfe realized she needed to roll up her sleeves and give back to the organization that “grabbed her heart.”

“I wanted to get information out and raise funds for PADV. What I specifically did was bring it to the Women’s Club in Sugarloaf neighborhood. I brought my involvement down to something I could handle – getting the word out and getting funds. The Sugarloaf Women’s Club chooses three or four charities each year raising $20,000-$40,000 to donate to each cause.  We also send out information about that charity to the people of Sugarloaf. I am proud to say we’ve done really well.”

Wolfe decided early on that giving back fully to one organization was what was most important. Especially to a group that is in her backyard.

“The thing about people who live in Gwinnett County and the reason I’ve been able to get so much support for PADV, is this Gwinnett Shelter. People in Gwinnett are interested in helping anything having to do with Gwinnett County, and helping it grow. That includes the charities. The fact that one of the shelters is located here is great, and we are so proud of that. This is where we live, these are people we know, and these are people that might be able to help PADV.”

Wolfe’s dedication and cheerleader attitude towards PADV are main reasons she was invited into the Legacy Society. She is eager to grow with the organization and continue to build awareness for PADV.

“I’ve have only been with PADV three years. I am proud to be involved and I plan to be involved. I am looking forward to growing with the organization and learning how I can do more. I see where I can make a difference with PADV with some of the national charities you really don’t know if you’re making a difference or not, but here I can really see that trickle-down effect.”


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